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In 1941, a sailor left Great Lakes Naval base by train heading for Highland Park and got off at the wrong stop. That same day in Evanston, a young nurse got on a train heading for the Highwood USO to go to a party. She arrived a week early. Little did these two young people know what effect their error would have on their lives and fifty years later, the effect if would have on the Highwood community.

The two mistaken young people met that evening at the Highwood USO and for them, one evening was enough. They corresponded from 1941 on and married at the end of World War 2, in September of 1945.

Fifty plus years later, the Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker wrote a letter to the City of Highwood asking if the Highwood USO still existed. They had never returned after the fateful evening of their meeting and they wanted to return to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. The Highwood Historical Society began in response to that letter.

In 1995, in six short weeks, a crew of sixteen Highwood residents recreated the Highwood USO, threw the Whitaker’s and Highwood one heck of a party and with the funds raised from that evening, the Highwood Historical Society was born.

The Highwood Historical Society is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization and with in excess of 200 members, many who are actively involved, we are moving towards celebrating our 15 anniversary. We are proud of our accomplishments and proud of our community that celebrates its past with as much vigor as it celebrates its present.

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